Church, Ativan, and Gospel Misfits

I know they mean well and I certainly don’t question their hearts or motives, but I think the help they’re offering misses the point. We’ve not had a church (in the institutional sense of the word) to call home since the one we were members of merged with a mega-church, or folded, or ceased to exist, or morphed, or whatever that was that happened.

Since that time, we’ve darkened the doors of many a church building only to hear moralistic, duty-laden law preaching that majors big-time on the Christian’s failure to do the Christian life in the Christian way. We’ve been scolded from several pulpits and in one instance, even told God is mad at us and wants us to “shut up.” We’ve been chastened for not being brave like David was brave and to prove his point, that particular pastor dimmed the lights to show a clip on bravery from the movie Titanic. My wife got up and left before the clip ever started or the lights dimmed, but I had the decency to wait until the lights dimmed before I ducked down and made a beeline for the door. I attribute my wait to my fear of man.

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